A Modular Canvas for patients and doctors

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Check out the demo here

This is only a demo, do not use real medical information

An easy medical website

I wanted to create a website that is easy to use for patients, doctors, and website contributors. Patients can log in in order to submit and keep track of personal health data, while doctors can check in on their patients without the patients having to worry about exposing their data to just any user.

Infinitely expandable

Rather than focusing on getting any kind of data in particular, Healthsnacks is a canvas to be contributed too. Healthsnacks expands onto a PHP laravel framework by creating a modular filesystem backend so that contributors can easily extend the kinds of interactions users can have. Once logged in, each module should have its own panel, as well as routes to controllers exclusive to that module. The page automatically loads all the modules for each page, so you only need to worry about your own module. The website should handle the rest

Things to keep working on

The current website is pretty obviously lacking. Not only is it graphically uninteresting, but this project has not met its secure goal. We eventually hope to create a module structure where secure data transfers are built into the inheriting module. Alongside that is the improvement to allow users to get rid of modules they are not interested in on their own page,as well as creating a secure way for doctors to communicate back with their patients within the website.

Copyright © Ido Shoshani 2016. This Website and the repository is licensed under GPL. Please view the License file in the repo for usage details.